HB6 provides accurate Background Verification services to help companies make informed decisions aimed at managing employment screening programs efficiently and effectively; improve workplace safety and security; mitigate risks and in the process, enhance net worth of human capital.

We empower the human resource team by providing accurate background checks that are scalable and affordable.

Employment Verification Verification of most recent work history, which includes dates of employment, job titles and reasons for leaving. Information on attendance, employee rating, eligibility for re-hire are also provided if available. This is verified through the HR personnel of the employer.
Education Verification (Highest Degree) Verification of the level of formal education, schools attended, degrees obtained, attendance dates and grade point average. This is verified through the educational institution’s registrar or college dean.
Character Reference Check Detailed information is gathered on candidates’ work performance including punctuality and quality of work from the candidates’ immediate superior and/or nominated character references.
Address Verification Detailed verification done from the subject’s declared address
Identity Check
Matching / Checking through declared government identification
Credit Check
Detailed analysis from credit reporting bureau or agency in order to reveal any negative/derogatory records related to the subject’s payment history for loans, debts and delinquent accounts.
Civil Litigation Name search done against a compilation of any court records sourced locally.
Global Dataset Search Search based on name matching from a collection of datasets, information of which are sourced from public domains across the globe.
Criminal Record Check Checking Criminal records under the name of the subject