Why partner with HB6?

HB6 is geared towards empowering its’ clients human resource team by providing them with Accurate Background Verification and Online Talent Assessments.

Background Verification

HB6’s Background Verification process can be customised to fit the needs of the client. HB6’s own customised online Background Verification tool increases efficiency per function and provide visibility of background screening requests in real-time. This translates to faster and more efficient operations to meet the demands of our clients.

Online Talent Assessments

HB6 offers Online Talent Assessments, which can administer, score and generate reports on a wide range of psychometric measures. The reports are developed by experts through years of experience measuring Personality, Interests, Values, Aptitudes and Abilities of more than 5 million individuals worldwide. These Assessment reports serve as a Benchmarking tool enabling the development of ideal profiles for different roles against which individual respondents can be compared for fit.