Talent Assessments play a vital role in any company’s HR Strategy. It determines whether a candidate or an existing employee is a Right Fit for a specific role. Having the right tools in place improves your chances of avoiding hiring mistakes exponentially, which costs a lot.

“The average hiring mistake costs 15 times an employee’s base salary in hard costs and productivity loss” –  Smart &  Street, Authors of ‘Who’

At HB6, we offer high-value & scalable globally recognised tools to address your specific screening requirements. We partner with global assessment tool providers Genesys, Prevue & British Council to offer the best tools developed from years of in-depth global research and testing.

Whether you need Assessments for Recruitment and Selection, Talent Development and Retention or Succession Planning, we’re sure to have the best tools for your need.

Tools Description
genesys A comprehensive and in-depth measure of mental ability. It has been designed to assess high     level-reasoning ability. This measures Verbal Reasoning, Numeric Reasoning, and Abstract Reasoning, and is benchmarked across several positions, e.g. Working Population, Supervisors, and/or Managers.
prevue Prevue is a job-fit assessment that solves the problem of wrong fit by providing a clear and accurate picture of each candidate. The result is a significant increase in identifying and hiring employees who are a good fit for the job.
aptis Aptis is an innovative global English assessment tool that is designed to help organisations to reach more people, connect with them and raise standards of English. It is designed to be flexible, adaptable, and accessible. It is an English test for adults that helps organisations and individuals to develop specific English skills.

Here are just some of the benefits of partnering with HB6 for your Assessment needs:

  • Tests are done online so you can integrate assessments easily within your existing recruitment process
  • We have the largest range of assessment tools in the market giving you flexibility to choose from tried and tested tools ranging from Reasoning Tests and Job-Fit Assessments to more specialised tests such as Sales Preference Indicator, Stanton Survey of Integrity, Mental Toughness Questionnaire and Aptis English Language Assessment.
  • We have a team of consultants ready to help you design your assessment process and analyse test results.